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Sometimes we have this old shoes that we like so much but we cannot it use it anymore because the color has worn out or there is a big stain that makes it looks ugly.


D2C® Laundry & Wet Clean offers you a solution. Bring that shoes to us and let us know what would you want it to be. We provide Shoes Treatment service that consists of : restoration, retouching and cleaning. With the right treatment we might be able to resurrect your old shoes and make it as good as new. 


If you love your shoes that much, then why not? Try our Shoes Treatment today!

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how we might be able to help re-create your shoes and make it as good as new,  please contact our representative here!

Hear What People Say About Us

On behalf of JTV, we would like to say thank you to D2C for taking care of our wardrobe. Their work is very clean, neat and professionally done. They recognize all the materials used and treat each of it accordingly. Thanks D2C® Laundry & Wet Clean!

Nanin Ulviyanti

Make Up & Wardrobe Coordinator, JTV

Ristya Stefanie Bridal says thanks a lot to D2C® Laundry & Wet Clean for taking care of Ristya Stefanie’s gowns. For their clean wash and nice services. They always go for the details and treat our materials accordingly and that makes us really comfortable for being partners with them. Thank you D2C® Laundry & Wet Clean! Wishing you success and good luck!

Ristya Stefanie

Make Up & Wedding Designer

I am really thankful for trusting D2C® Laundry & Wet Clean as our fabricare. Considering of the certified professional wet cleaner that they have, D2C® Laundry & Wet Clean’s works are perfect.

Lusia Iskandar

Fashion Designer, 081231720799

D2C Laundry, truly professional, trusted laundry in Surabaya. No need to worry about our wardrobe since they do not use any harsh chemical to clean it. Thumbs up! Thank you D2C!

Elisabeth Alesandra

Wardrobe Coordinator, RCTI | MNC TV | iNews TV

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