Tips on How to Wash Your Batik by D2C Laundry Surabaya 0822-3333-8633

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Batik is a valuable heritage from our ancestor here in Indonesia. It is well known and become popular word wide. Nowadays Batik is not just clothes or scarf. Lots of things are made from them, such as jacket, shoes, skirt, doll souvenir and even bags are now made of Batik.


Batik was created on a simple plain white material but Batik today can be made of silk, polyester, rayon and other synthetic material. Therefore it is not easy to clean our Batik, especially Batik Tulis. Here are some tips on how to clean our Batik :

  1. Do not wash your Batik using common detergent since it will ruin its color easily. Wash them using a special kind of shampoo such as “sabun klerak” that you can easily buy in any Batik gallery. Or use hair shampoo or mild bathsoap.
  2. Wash your Batik separately from other clothes. It will prevent its color to stain your other clothes.
  3. Do not put your Batik under a direct sunlight since it will also ruin its colors. Simply put them in the shade and let the fresh air dry them up naturally.
  4. If you have to ironing them use steam iron instead of common one. And do not use high heat. Do not use any softener either. All those chemical does not do any good to your Batik.
  5. Make sure your Batik is clean and dry before you keep them in your wardrobe. Add some silica gel to absorb all the dampness that can ruin your precious Batik. Hang instead of fold.

D2C Laundry and Wet Clean is ready to help you taking care of your Batik. Give us a call and we will clean up your Batik for you, free delivery for Surabay area. Contact us now and wait no more for a fresh and clean Batik collection of yours!