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Starting its business on March 2011 with the name Klinfast Laundry and recently changed into D2C® Laundry & Wet Clean, our business has become the first and only laundry service in Surabaya that has received CPW (Certified Professional Wet-cleaner) certification.


During our journey we learnt that many laundry services are mainly focus on how to clean the clothes only, and completely ignore the longevity of the fabric itself. Therefore after 3-4 times of being cleaned up, your clothes will be worn out, losing its color or even broke down. Not to mention the dangerous of the chemical being used to clean them. Those concerns has derived us to try to provide better solution for you.


Here in D2C® Laundry & Wet Clean, we committed to wash and clean up your clothing without giving any harm to the environment or to people itself. We use only safe and eco-friendly substance and method to ensure the safety of our customer whose wearing our perfectly done laundry, our workers who doing the whole cleaning process, and also safety of our mother earth.


With our passion and experiences we guarantee you not only the best laundry for your outfit, but also the best fabric care that will make your outfit lasts longer


To be a professionally trusted laundry service known world-wide with serious commitment in provide healthy and eco-friendly laundry services, and thrive to give the best service for our customers. 


1. Growing our laundry business into a trusted reliable professional laundry cleaner for personal as well as for institutions such as hotel, spa, fashion designer, bridal, interior designer and others to create continuous collaboration. 

2. Provide the best service in healthy and eco-friendly laundry that cares for our customers’ and staffs’ healthy life.

3. Improve our standard quality by obtain new certificate from other International Standard Certification. 

4. Create job openings for the community by offering franchise opportunity that cares for its employee’s well-being by developing their knowledge and career.

5. Giving back to the community by donating 1% of our revenue for charity. 

Why Choose D2C®Laundry & Wet Clean


Eco Friendly

We use wet cleaning method that has been proven and acknowledge by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as the most eco-friendly method among the other cleaning methods. So it is totally safe for us, for you and for our mother earth.

Couture-Quality Cleaning

We use only the best soap, detergent and other equipment. Our staffs had undergo some intensive training to make sure that they have the needed skills and understand completely on how to handle your laundry. So say good bye to those lose buttons and broken shirts because we will deliver only the best result for you!

Excellent Services

Your time is precious, that we understand completely. That’s why we try to make it simple for you. All you need to do is call or chat us using Whatsapp, Line or Telegram, and our delivery man will pick up your laundry, have everything done right on time, and delivery the result back to your doorstep. No additional cost, no hustle, no traffic jam! *Surabaya area only

Giving Back to the Community

By letting us taking care of your laundry you will as well help others in need, because it has been our policy to donate 1% of our revenue for charity. So you get clean and fresh clothes while helping other people, sounds good don’t you think so?

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