Beware! Dry Cleaning Technique Turns Out To Be A Trigger For Blood Cancer!

dry clean penyebab leukimia ibu any yudhoyono?

Beware! Dry Cleaning Technique Turns Out To Be A Trigger For Blood Cancer!

Blood cancer or Leukimia that got into our former 1st lady, Ibu Ani Yudoyono is suspected caused by dry cleaning technique commonly used here in Indonesia. Every year more than 3000 children under 15 years old are diagnosed with Leukimia. This is a huge number and has brought nightmare to every parents.

Leukemia is considere lethal, and can be suffered by people from every ages, especially by young ages children from 3 – 5 years old.

Lately people discovered that this chemical matters commonly used in dry cleaning technique is one of the main cause in Leukimia, this chemical known as PERC (perchlorethylene ). American Cancer Society research put forward the fact that PERC can increase the risk of getting Leukimia and lung cancer. It can happen if someone got enough exposure of that PERC and for a long time.

Here are some commonly found symptoms of Leukimia according to

  1. Drastic and unexplained weight loss.
    2. Fatigue
    3. Feeling weak and trouble in breathing
    4. Bruised and bleeded easily
    5. Enlargement of lymph nodes
    6. Bloated
    7. Rash and infection
    8. Night fever
    9. Pain in bones and joints
    10.Pain in the ribs and spine

Start pay more attention to your health. Avoid using dry cleaning service that uses dangerous chemical such as PERC. Don’t fall for cheaper service and ignore your family’s safety and health. D2C Laundry Surabaya has stopped using PERC for the last 8 years since we found out that it is not safe to use. Today we are using safe and eco-friendly materials, approved and certified by ECO Institute.

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